We bring our portable equipment, including a dental chair, transforming a dedicated space in your workplace into a private dental suite. Your employees enjoy a relaxing environment and seamless patient experience, without even leaving the office!

Schedule Dental Pop-Up


What services are included?

An appointment with Dentists on Demand includes a dental exam, oral cancer screening, digital dental x-rays, and dental cleaning, all from the comfort of your office building or pre-determined work location.

Teeth whitening is an optional add-on service, and many patients appreciate the opportunity to check this item off their “to do list” while visiting the dentist at work! The most optimal time to brighten your smile is immediately following a cleaning – so why not take advantage of this perk!

How much does it cost?

There is no set-up fee to have Dentists On Demand come to your office. Preventive services are typically covered 100% by most PPO plans. Percentage of coverage for other services vary based on your insurance company. Please contact us for further information.

What if I need other dental services?

Patients will receive a digital report card that includes recommended treatment and have the option to schedule an appointment with one of our preferred providers for further care. If a specialist is needed, we gladly provide the patient with a referral- either to our brick-and-mortar dental office or to another dentist of the patient’s choice.

Please email hello@dentistsondemand.com to schedule an appointment.

How long will the dental visit take?

A Dentists on Demand visit includes a dental exam, oral cancer screening, dental x-rays and dental cleaning, and takes approximately 60 minutes. Optional teeth whitening takes an additional 30 minutes.

Our patients love that they can block either 1 hour or 90 minutes on their calendar to attend to their dental health, rather than taking half days off from work to account for commute time and waiting room delays. We even return in ~6 months so that they can be sure to get to the dentist twice per year!

Ever feel stressed because that half day you planned in advance to see the dentist no longer works in your busy work schedule? Problem solved! The Dentist on Demand dental suite is set up in your workplace, and we make booking appointments a breeze!

How can a dentist come to our office? What about all that equipment?

When your company hosts a dental pop-up, all of our portable dental equipment will be set-up by our team, transforming a dedicated area in your workspace, such as a conference room, into a relaxing dental suite.

We’ve established and refined a smooth process to ensure a great experience for both patients and the organization hosting us.

What companies typically utilize Dentists On Demand?

We cater to all types of companies, including large corporate offices, mid-sized businesses, nimble start-ups, not-for-profit organizations, school districts, and many more.

Our team works within the schedule and facilities that work best for your office, to provide a superior dental experience and an easy way for company leadership and HR teams to encourage greater utilization of an important employee benefit.

Why should I have a Dentists On Demand come to me? Why should our company utilize your services?

We are a great addition to your company’s health and wellness benefits program! If employees have a hectic daily schedule, we can eliminate the stress, travel, and wasted time by providing a relaxing patient experience and superior dental care from the comfort of your office.

Additionally, our services increase the use of a valuable health care benefit. Only 35% of working-age adults are utilizing dental care with a the top reason being a lack of time to get to the dental office. This is causing an increase of dental emergency visits.

Our survey results point to our service increasing employee satisfaction: we’re proud to report that 96% of our clients would definitely use our services again.

I see Dentists on Demand will be offering a dental pop-up at my office. What’s a pop-up?

It is an opportunity that appears and disappears, but can return when it is needed. It is like a surprise visit of something exciting and positive. It offers something special that did not exist in that spot before.

Imagine having forgotten to go to your dentist, you are overdue, you know better, but scheduling is tough. Then there’s the drive and so forth. But one day you go to work, turn a corner and Dentist on Demand has popped up to solve all those problems at once! Pop-ups are meant to be fun.

Sounds convenient and relaxing! Is the portable equipment clean and safe?

We establish and adhere to standards that surpass those of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), Department of Health Services, OSHA, and Dental Boards. Part of the mission of Dentists on Demand is to keep moving the bar higher and set the standard for excellence.

Our skilled team provides the highest quality of care based on experience ranging from pioneering home dental care, serving as Chief of Dental Division at two of the largest San Francisco hospitals, and decades of experience in private dental practice. We have honed a delivery of care model that adheres to the same high standards as if you visited us in one of our dental offices.

What locations will Dentists On Demand Visit?

We currently serve:
● New York City / NY metro (including NJ, Westchester, and Long Island)
● San Francisco / Bay Area

We look forward to expanding into additional regions. Please feel free to drop us a line if your organization is in another city/state and would like to be served by Dentists on Demand!